10 Awesome Blogs for Steampunk Designers

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More than just science fiction fanatics are gravitating toward the brassy appeal of steampunk design, which features the excessive ornamentation that was prominent during the Victorian era, combined with the period's fascination with future innovations. Popular culture has become acquainted with steampunk through the years thanks to its presence in movies like "Back to the Future III" and "Wild Wild West," and as a result, it has influenced different aspects of design. Here are 10 awesome blogs for steampunk designers.

  1. The Steampunk Home: The Steampunk Home follows one woman's quest to adorn her home with the most eye-catching steampunk decor. Also highlighted are numerous odd items that steampunk designers have crafted, including a chandelier made out of recycled bicycle parts, leather floor mats composed of leather belts and a mechanical iris peephole.
  2. Steampunk Jewelry: Steampunk jewelry combines fine craftsmanship with the elegant style of the Victorian era. This blog displays the work of a gifted steampunk jewelry designer, including necklaces, rings, earrings and cufflinks. Interviews with other designers — a steampunk quill pen designer, for example — are posted, giving the reader insight into their work, the process and their inspirations.
  3. Steampunk Fashion: Readers of Steampunk Fashion are encouraged to interact with one another and exchange views on whether or not their own creations pass muster. If you're a novice designer who's still in doubt about the validity of your projects, you can take the Steampunk Style Quiz that was created by the blog's author, or consult the points of reference post that outlines the basic requirements of steampunk style.
  4. Steampunk Costume: Steampunk costumes, fashion and art are among the focuses of Steampunk Costume. The purpose of the blog is to examine the work of leaders in steampunk design, and provide tips and ideas to readers who aspire to make their own costumes. Recent posts highlight a steampunk ironman costume and the scandal surrounding it, and head-turning steampunk bicycles.
  5. The Steampunk Workshop: Whether you're interested in steampunk fashion or simply like to toy with steampunk-influenced devices, The Steampunk Workshop is a treasure trove of information for enthusiasts of the style. Readers become familiar with ambitious projects undertaken and completed by talented designers. Those who are especially curious can explore the Technical Resource Links provided under the Main Menu.
  6. Datamancer Blog: The Datamancer site is run by a self-described "steampunk contraptor, technical artist, and jackass of all trades" who specializes in constructing custom computers and now keyboards. His blog documents his work, featuring photos and brief descriptions accompanying each project. You'll be amazed by his ability to make modern technology remarkably quaint.
  7. Brass Goggles: Brass Goggles is a blog "devoted to the lighter side of all things Steampunk." That doesn't exclude posts discussing steampunk gadgets and machines — like the 1924 Sentinel Steam Wagon 5676 and Fred Dibnah's 1912 Aveling & Porter Ltd steam tractor. Even if you aren't a devoted steampunk designer, this blog will certainly capture your imagination.
  8. The Clockworkers Guild's Journal: The Clockworkers Guild's Journal lists steampunk designed items, ranging from dresses to gadgets — many of which are being sold by designers. Of course, if you're interested in steampunk culture in general — like most steampunk designers, appropriately — then you'll find the blog particularly useful.
  9. Design Stuff Daily: Although Design Stuff Daily isn't a blog that focuses exclusively on steampunk creations, it did devote a week to steampunk gadgets last summer, showcasing the most unique items they could find. Included among the multitude of photos are a steampunk mobile phone, fighter pilot mask, USB flash drive, Gameboy and home PC cockpit. Excellent inspiration for ambitious designers in search of new ideas.
  10. The Design Blog: The Design Blog highlights steampunk designs ranging from fancy jewelry to one-of-a-kind chairs — like a Professor X Chair that combines a 1875 Eastlake Victorian Rocking Chair with a Permobil C300 Power wheelchair. Even a steampunk chopper is featured, exuding steely masculinity. Although the blog isn't entirely devoted to steampunk, it provides a look at some of the most eye-catching steampunk-influenced creations on the internet.
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