10 Themed Party Ideas for Good Times

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togaThere’s no shortage of parties during college. So every once in a while it’s fun to shake things up by adding a theme that’ll inspire a particular mood from the attendees. Themed parties give us opportunities to become caricatures, spending the night and wee hours of the morning pretending to be people we’re not, while having a blast in uniquely created and fun-filled environments. When else in your life will you be able to act a fool with minimal worry about the repercussions? Live it up and consider throwing one of the themed parties below. Whether you go the traditional route – toga party – or the modern route – Jersey Shore Party – you’ll be sure to have good times that’ll become interesting “remember when” discussions in the future.

  • College Movie-Themed Party

    Imitate a stereotypical college student from your favorite college-related movie. Elle Woods, Van Wilder, or even Michelle Flaherty – any of these characters would suffice. Now gather your friends and acquaintances, add some booze and watch the epicness ensue. What are the chances that Elle Woods and Van Wilder would hit it off?

  • Jersey Shore Party

    Guys – load up on hair gel and hair removal wax, pump some iron, lay in the tanning booth for several hours, find some tight jeans and a wife-beater, shine your gaudiest jewelry, and prepare to wear your designer sunglasses at all hours of the night. Gals – practice your fish-face smile (guidos should do this too), get as unnaturally tan as possible, stock up on fake nails, be liberal with your makeup, poof out your hair, sport only designer clothes and accessories, and get used to saying “hun” and “babe.” The end result will be a fist-pumping good time – just like summer on the Jersey Shore.

  • Trashy Prom

    Relive the worst aspects of your prom experience, add a hint of trashiness, and you’ll have the time of your life. Girls can wear loud-colored, weird-shaped and awkwardly revealing dresses. Guys can sport cut-off jeans, tacky bowties and MacGyver-esque mullets. Of course, you should bring a date and prom photos should be taken to forever capture the moment.

  • ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party

    Clothes are lame anyway, right? Tap into your creative side and shed your inhibitions by designing and wearing an outfit from odd materials. ABC partygoers have been known to fashion apparel out of duct tape, caution tape, magazines, saran wrap, beer boxes, foil and Band-Aids. Or you could just wear your birthday suit – that’ll make things interesting.

  • Foam Party

    A foam party requires renting a foam machine and finding a suitable location to handle its output. Once you’ve accomplished that, put on a bathing suit and enjoy the suds. The best part of this shindig is the element of mystery that’s involved. You just never know what’s going on beneath the foamy surface.

  • Beach Party

    If you don’t live near a beach, bring the beach to your dorm or apartment complex, preferably in the vicinity of a pool, sand volleyball court and barbecue grill. If you live in a house, purchase some sand and kiddie pools with the money you and your friends have budgeted for the party. Additionally, consider tossing in some beach balls, water guns and water balloons. You can make the party more unique by implementing subthemes: turn it into Margaritaville or a Luau.

  • Vegas Party

    Spare no expense when it comes to décor. Hang flashing lights, signs and anything else that would give your dorm or apartment an authentically gaudy Vegas feel. Dress as Elvis or a showgirl, gamble away some cash while playing poker, blackjack or dice, and partake in whatever debauchery that may occur. Remember, what happens at a Vegas party, stays at a Vegas party.

  • Internationally-Themed Party

    An internationally-themed party can be a fun change of pace. Arabian Nights parties, for example, have long been a favorite. Set up a tent, remove your furniture, toss in some rugs and pillows, burn incense and set up some oil lamps (away from the tent, obviously). Then give belly dancing a shot. Cinco de Mayo parties also qualify as internationally-themed parties.

  • Decades-Themed Party

    Most common among the decades-themed parties are ’80s parties, which entail big hair, mullets, short shorts, neon colors and acid-washed jeans. Also fun are ’70s parties, ’60s parties, ’50s parties and 20’s parties. Basically, if it was an eventful decade with lots of crazy fashions, then it’s worth being mocked in a party.

  • Toga Party

    “Animal House” set the standard for college fun and toga parties in particular. Although it may have become a bit cliché, don’t let that stop you from donning a laurel-wreath and plain white bed sheets. Plus you can always add your own spin to it. For example, throw a toga party from the future and incorporate styles and accessories from 3000 A.D.

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