50 Young Adult Book Blogs

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Teen reading

It’s nice to see that even during a time when technology rules all, tweens and teens are still reading, and young adult literature is the genre of choice. YA literature is written for readers in the 12-to-18 age group, but there are plenty of adult readers who can’t help themselves from reading about vampires, high school crushes and the trials and tribulations of teenagehood. YA books continue to grow in popularity, and it shows by the number of YA blogs circulating the Web today. Here are 50 young adult book blogs you need to check out:


These blogs are written by adults, who can’t get enough of YA literature.

  1. Young Adult Books Central.
    Here, a team of reviewers blog about tween and teen books, and share author interviews, industry news and basic YA info.
  2. Between the Lines.
    Check out the latest YA author interviews, book reviews and suggested readings on this Penguin book blog.
  3. The Cybils.
    This blog rewards the top-rated children and YA books, based on several factors such as literary merit and community appeal among bloggers.
  4. Love YA Lit.
    These avid YA readers are dedicated to reviewing books and introducing adults to YA lit.
  5. Voracious YAppetite.
    Here you’ll find a wide variety of YA book reviews, specifically speculative fiction, debut releases and POC titles.
  6. I was a teenage book geek.
    This self-proclaimed teenage book geek reviews YA books, especially her favorite genres: sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and horror.
  7. Persnickety Snark.
    This Australian teacher reviews YA literature and interviews Australian authors.
  8. Pure Imagination.
    Here you’ll find a variety of YA book reviews, author interviews and book giveaways.
  9. Young Adult Literature Lover.
    This aspiring young adult author shares her collection of book reviews and her current YA projects.
  10. Yesterday’s Young Adult Novels.
    This blogger has a specific interest in reviewing YA books from the past, specifically romance and career titles from the 1950s and 1960s.
  11. Book Chic Club.
    This blogger shakes things up from a male perspective, and features author interviews and guest blogs on YA novels.
  12. YAnnabe.
    This aspiring YA author writes book reviews and shares writing tips with fellow YAnnabes.
  13. The Book Smugglers.
    These avid YA readers review at least 4 books a week, and do a joint review of the same book every month to shake things up.
  14. Steph Su Reads.
    Check out this YA blogger’s awesome collection of book reviews and cool giveaways.
  15. The Page Flipper.
    This blogger features her own YA book reviews and reviews from author to author.
  16. Young Adult Books Reviewed.
    Find a variety of YA book reviews, especially paranormal and romance titles on this blog.
  17. Confessions of a Bookaholic.
    Get a glimpse of this blogger’s collection of YA book reviews, author spotlights and guests posts.
  18. Becky’s Book Reviews.
    This blogger reads and reviews everything from YA fiction, YA supernatural to YA sports titles.
  19. Forever Young Adult.
    This group of bloggers adds comic relief to the YA blogosphere with lighthearted reviews and posts.
  20. The Story Siren.
    This ‘young at heart’ adult has an extensive collection of YA book reviews and featured authors on her blog.
  21. Extreme Reader Book Reviews.
    This mom and pre-k teacher has a solid collection of YA book reviews on her blog.

Teens and Tweens

See what these youngsters have to say about YA books.

  1. Flamingnet Young Adult Book Blog.
    Here, preteens and teens share YA book reviews and their favorite reads of the year.
  2. Y.A. Reads.
    This blog is a collaboration of YA readers, who review books, conduct author interviews and keep YA readers up to date on literary news.
  3. Reading in Color.
    Reading in Color is written by a black teenager whose goal is to expand the demographics of teens who review young adult books, particularly those about people of color.
  4. Princess Bookie.
    This blog has a variety of author interviews and YA book reviews, using a cupcake-rating system.
  5. The Book Scout.
    This high school student loves to scout out good YA books and review them from a teenager’s perspective.
  6. Girl’s Without a Bookshelf.
    Check out this sisterly YA blog, where two sisters, ages 12 and 20, review young adult books.
  7. Hope’s Bookshelf.
    This 16-year-old blogger has a wide variety of YA book reviews, author interviews and book contests, here.
  8. QueerYA.
    This blog reviews YA fiction books that are geared for LGTBQ teenagers.
  9. WORD for Teens.
    Check out this young adult’s blog, which has an impressive collection of YA book reviews and author interviews.
  10. YA Book Queen.
    You can find a bunch of YA book reviews, reading suggestions and interesting author interviews on this 19-year-old’s blog.


Get a glimpse of what YA authors are writing, reading and thinking at this very moment.

  1. Janette Rallison’s Blog.
    This teen fiction author blogs about her books and offers writing tips to aspiring authors.
  2. YA Authors You’ve Never Heard Of.
    Despite the blog name, you may have heard of these authors, who blog about anything and everything YA.
  3. Carrie’s Procrastinatory Outlet.
    This author’s blog features reading announcements and news about her upcoming book release.
  4. Diana Rodriguez Wallach.
    Here you’ll find author interviews, book reviews and discussions about YA literature from this YA author.
  5. Amanda Ashby.
    This YA author shares interviews and the inner workings of her current projects.
  6. The B-log Blog.
    YA author Cyn Balog shares writing tips and announcements of upcoming contests and opportunities to meet her.
  7. Holly Black.
    This author of teen and children contemporary fantasy novels blogs about her books, upcoming projects and fan art, here.
  8. Meg Cabot.
    Check out Meg Cabot’s blog, where she dishes about her books, other authors’ books and random topics.
  9. Cynsations.
    Here, YA author Cynthia Leitich Smith blogs about other YA authors and their cynsational series.
  10. Jeri Smith-Ready.
    This award-winning author reviews YA books and interviews other authors on her blog.
  11. Book-lover Carol.
    This YA author dishes about her books, her inspirations and writing tips for younger writers and readers.


These librarians can teach YA a thing or two from their literary blogs.

  1. Hip Librarians Book Blog.
    These librarians keep it hip by reviewing the coolest young adult books out there.
  2. The YA YA YAs.
    This blog is written by three YA librarians, who love to yap about the latest young adult lit.
  3. GreenBeanTeenQueen.
    This tween and teen librarian knows good books and loves to review YA novels with her own rating scale.
  4. Librarina.
    Check out this school librarian’s thoughts on a variety of YA books.
  5. A True Reality.
    These three librarians share their opinions of the YA books they read on here.
  6. YA Librarian Tales.
    Find a wide collection of YA book reviews on this amateur YA librarian’s blog.
  7. Reading Rants!.
    This middle school librarian has been reviewing and rating her favorite YA books here for more than 10 years.
  8. YA Book Nerd.
    This YA school librarian shares her love for reading and reviewing YA books here.
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