Tools for Learning Spanish

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Buenos Dias.  Como Esta Usted?  I just said hello and asked how you are.  Have you ever wanted to travel to a Spanish-speaking county, but didn’t speak the language?  Do you need to learn Spanish for your job?  As the U.S. population grows the number of Spanish speaking citizens is growing as well.  Were you aware that the United States does not have a national language?  There have been numerous attempts at making English the national language, but those attempts have failed.  In the last few years it has also been presented to have both Spanish and English be the national languages of the U.S.  It is becoming more and more important to be bilingual in today’s job market.  Check out the following ways that you could learn Spanish as a second language.

  1. Rosetta Stone is the most widely utilized methods of learning a second language in a hurry.  Many corporations ask their executives who need to travel to foreign countries to learn a second language using Rosetta Stone.  It was also recently publicized that Angelina Jolie bought it for Brad to use for an upcoming trip.  As of the writing of this article Rosetta Stone is priced at over $200 per level or $574 for all 5 levels.
  2. Pimsleur Approach advertises that the FBI and CIA use the Pimsleur approach for their agents.  Paul Pimsleur, a renowned language expert, developed this method after 20 years of research.  The claim is that you can learn Spanish in only 10 days.  This is definitely the program to go with if you’re in a hurry and on a budget.  Currently this program is priced at $9.95 with free shipping.
  3. Fluenz was created by Cornell and Harvard graduates who found the right method to teach you as if you were immerged in the culture with their special one-on-one techniques.  Each level is priced at $177 or more or the entire set is priced at $537.
  4. has free Spanish tutorials including vocabulary lists, pronunciations, grammar and other tools to help you learn Spanish.  There is a free Spanish to English translator on this site as well.
  5. includes complete coursework for learning Spanish as developed by a former University Spanish teacher.  The course consists of interactive CD ROMs as well as audio CD’s and a manual.  The cost of the program is $135 and has a money back guarantee if you don’t learn to speak Spanish in 6 months.
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