Top 10 Ivy League Certificate Programs

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Cornell University

You may not have sported the Ivy League school names in your undergraduate years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do so now. Ivy League schools and other prestigious universities have begun offering online and traditional certificate programs for undergraduates, graduate students and working professionals to continue their learning, enhance their skills and advance their careers. Enrolling in a certificate program is one of the quickest ways to gain industry-specific knowledge and skills that will set you apart from your competition, especially when it comes from an elite university. Here are 10 certificate programs offered at Ivy League schools and comparable universities:

  1. Cornell University
    Cornell founded the nation’s first collegiate course of study in hospitality management, which is offered at the Cornell Hotel School. This world renowned hotel administration school also offers online certificate programs in hospitality and food service management through eCornell. Among the 24 outstanding online certificate programs available on eCornell, the hotel revenue management certificate stands out for its direct impact on the financial needs of the hotel industry. This five-course certificate program will train hospitality managers, general managers, revenue managers and other hospitality professionals to apply revenue concepts and strategies to increase business and maximize revenue.
  2. Yale University
    Yale does not offer many online programs, but it does have a couple certificate programs that are open to students who have not completed an undergraduate degree. The Yale School of Drama offers several certificate programs in various theatrical subjects, such as the acting certificate. Students pursuing the certificate in drama with a concentration in acting, will pursue graduate-level academic work, as well as advanced training in acting techniques and production procedures. Those who meet the requirements for an acting certificate will audition in-person to determine their eligibility.
  3. Columbia University
    For those in New York City and the surrounding areas may want to consider Columbia’s School of Continuing Education, which does not currently offer online classes. However, there are 10 renowned certificate programs available to college graduates and professionals looking to advance their education. Columbia University’s business school is one of the highest ranked colleges in the nation, making their business certificate program a huge success. This five-course curriculum provides a foundation in basic business concepts and procedures that are taught in a graduate-level business program. You can expect to take classes in financial accounting, corporate finance and other relevant subjects.
  4. Princeton University
    Princeton offers undergraduate certificate programs for undergraduates, graduates and alumni who are looking to pursue a focused study in their current major. There are several distinguished certificate programs to choose from, but one you can’t go wrong with is a teacher preparation certificate. The certificate in teacher preparation provides students with the necessary training and skills to become a certified teacher. Students can build upon their current area of expertise, while acquiring new theories and strategies that are useful in any career field.
  5. University of Pennsylvania
    UPenn offers both general and obscure continuing education certificate programs, such as the Penn Nursing Science’s sleep certificate program. Throughout this combined program of online courses and clinical work, students will learn about sleep behaviors, sleep medicine and conduct sleep research. This program is designed for advanced practice nurses, who have a master’s degree in nursing, and are looking to apply their knowledge and skills toward clinical practice and research.
  6. Harvard University
    In 2009, Harvard Extension School phased out the graduate certificate programs, due to a decline in popularity and a growing interest in the school’s available master’s degrees. However, students who are interested in pursuing a formal degree in the future or want academic credit for a non-formal degree can earn citations that will appear on a transcript as recognition for successfully completing four courses in a particular subject area. Harvard Extension School offers citations in classes completed through traditional or distance education, such as international management, negotiations management, sustainable development, ecological management and many more.
  7. Stanford University
    Stanford offers a number of excellent distance education courses and certificates, such as the Stanford School of Medicine’s online bioinformatics certificate. This three-course certificate program focuses on specialized and diverse biological networks and biological information that demand more research in this ever-changing field.
  8. Duke University
    The graduate school at Duke offers more than 35 certificate programs, designed to enhance graduate-level study with advanced training and in-depth research. One program of particular note is
    the health policy certificate program. This timely curriculum focuses on developing cost-effective methods for health care, politics of health care reform and health policies. The health policy certificate is available to students enrolled in any of Duke’s graduate degree programs.
  9. University of Notre Dame
    Notre Dame offers various instructor-supported online courses and certificate programs that use multimedia formats for teaching and examination. Many of the online programs are business-related, such as the featured executive certificate in leadership and management program. This program consists of three eight-week courses taught by business experts from Notre Dame’s renowned Mendoza College of Business. Students will learn about the differences of leadership and management, while developing managerial and problem-solving skills and leadership strategies that will be effective in the workplace.
  10. New York University
    NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers three online professional certificates for graduates and working professionals, who want to expand on a specific area of expertise in a flexible, timely manner. A popular choice among online students is the certificate in screenwriting, which consists of five courses, as well as advanced writing workshops and screenplay workshops. With a professional screenwriting certificate, you will be eligible to begin working as a screenwriter on a television or film set.
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