Top 10 Things Dipped in Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of God’s greatest gifts to people. I’m not exaggerating. It’s just that I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love those things. From girls who are dieting to manly guys who hate to show love for anything, chocolate is their weakness. I myself particularly love to eat chocolate, whatever kind there is. But for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I made a list of the favorite things people love to dip in chocolate.

  1. Fresh fruits. Almost any kind of fresh fruit is amazingly suitable with chocolate. Dipping it in a fondue makes it that much sweeter. Some of the most popular fresh fruits are strawberries, sliced bananas, grapes, and apples. Your choice still depends on your preference, but I can assuredly tell you it’ll taste great.
  2. Dried fruits. Like fresh fruits, dried fruits are just as good. Even of dried fruits are already sweet enough, dipping it in chocolate adds to the delicious taste. Almost all kinds of dried fruits are appropriate, so you have an array of choices.
  3. Cookies. Cookies can be soft or hard, and either way, you’ll enjoy it with chocolate. You can make a cookie sandwich, but better yet, dip it in chocolate. Use a spear to fully enjoy this simple desert. However, be careful about crumbly cookies. Those things will just get on your nerves, because of the mess it’ll make.
  4. Marshmallows. Marshmallows are quite popular during barbeques, when you place it over the fire before you eat it. But just as popular is marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fondue. You usually see marshmallows in desert parties when there’s a chocolate fountain with different kinds of foods nearby.
  5. Brownies. Brownies are already delicious when eaten alone. But when you add chocolate to it, it just gets better. Don’t think that because brownies are sweet, you can’t eat it with another treat. Many people appreciate the combination, although some might think that it’s too sweet.
  6. Snickers Bar. Yup, Snickers Bar. You slice it into small bites dip it in a fondue. The result? Food so chocolaty sweet and tasty you’d want to try it another time. However, don’t eat too much! I know how addicting it can be to some, but too many sweets can be harmful to the health. Take everything in moderation.
  7. Pretzels. Salty pretzel is another popular choice among chocolate lovers. There is a balancing combination of salty and sweet taste of the two ingredients, which makes it a favorite of some. There are many kinds of pretzels, but all of them go well with chocolate.
  8. Nuts. Almond nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, anyone would love them. You can buy a store-bought chocolate which has these nuts inside, but you can make your own. The downside of dipping nuts is that they’re small, making them hard to spear. You’ll just have to do it with your own hands, but the mess it makes is worth it.
  9. Rice Krispy treats. Crunchy and sweet, that’s what rice krispy is. Eating it with chocolate is a simple and easy desert to make. Just open a box of krispy treats and melt some chocolate and done, a delicious but effortless desert.
  10. Potato Chips. Potato chip is a favorite junk food for people all over the world. And similar to the pretzels, potato chips are salty. This is eaten best when only half of one chip is dipped. The flavors of both foods will blend together, giving you a sweet and salty taste in the mouth.

These treats can be eaten all year round. You don’t need to have a reason to eat them, just as long as you enjoy. But as I said earlier, it should be in moderation. If you want to give yourself the freedom to eat as much as you want, limit it to once a month or less. That way, your body won’t have a hard time reducing the sugar level in your blood.

The foods listed above are pretty affordable, so you can give it to your special someone anytime. You can be romantic and cheap at the same time. You can probably include this in your menu as you make dinner at home. This’ll serve as a sweet ending to the night. Your date will surely appreciate it. It’ll look like you spent hours thinking of a way to make her happy. But actually, you can finish this in 30 minutes or less.

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