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  • Education Prerequisites: Most online renewable energy certificate programs require that you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university to enroll, and many programs recommend that students come from an engineering or scientific academic background.
  • Professional Prerequisites: None
  • Average Program Length: 1 semester (full time); 1 year (part time)

Renewable energy is burgeoning field that is full of opportunities for those interested in green energy technology and innovation. An accredited online renewable energy certificate program equips students with valuable knowledge about solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, and the evolving energy industry in general. Those who are already working in careers as scientists and engineers are particularly well-suited for certification programs in renewable energy, as these programs will help them launch their careers in the renewable energy field. Undergraduate and graduate students studying the sciences can also benefit from renewable energy certification, particularly if they are interested in working for green energy companies once they graduate.

Completing an Online Certificate Program in Renewable Energy

On average, students only need to take around three to four courses to complete a renewable energy certification program online. Although the course load for certificate program students can be light, a lot of ground is covered in the courses they do take. Typical online certification programs expose students to methods of producing and researching biofuels, the role of government in renewable energy legislation, how green energy businesses function, and how wind, water, and sun energy work at their most basic and complex levels. By the time students complete the necessary courses and receive their certificates in renewable energy, they should have a thorough understanding of what goes on and how innovation happens in the renewable energy industry.

Online renewable energy certificate programs and offline renewable energy certificate programs are more alike than different. Students of both types of programs will be required to spend time in class listening to lectures from top green energy researchers and time outside of class reading the latest renewable energy research. Just as traditional students are tested over what they learn in class, online students will be required to pass course exams before they receive their certificates. All of the courses offered in renewable energy certificate programs are stimulating as well as challenging, particularly for those who do not come from scientific backgrounds.

What Your Online Certificate in Renewable Energy Can Do for You

If you already have experience working in scientific research or engineering, a renewable energy certificate will open up career opportunities for you in the research departments of biofuel, solar, and wind companies. If your background is in a field unrelated to science, a certificate of this kind will prepare you to work at a renewable energy company in a non-technical position that’s relevant to your background. For example, if your academic and professional background is in marketing, completing a certificate program in renewable energy will give you the comprehensive understanding of green energy you need to successfully serve as a marketing manager at a biofuel, solar, or wind company. A renewable energy certificate will be able to open doors for you, no matter what your degree is in or where you’ve worked in the past.

Another option for those interested in renewable energy is enrolling in a renewable energy master’s degree program. Programs of this kind are usually a year or so in length for full-time students and often go into greater detail about many of the subjects covered in certificate programs. Certificate programs may be a more flexible and practical choice for people who work full-time, however. Renewable energy certificate holders can also find themselves qualified for many of the same jobs that graduates of master’s programs are qualified for. Since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of some renewable energy jobs will grow by around 19% between 2010 and 2012, there should be opportunity for most of the professionals who take the time to study renewable energy.

Online Certificate Programs by School

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Herzing University - Herzing's online certificate program offers the flexibility, personalization, and support you need to succeed in today's ever-changing job market. Discover Herzing's hands-on coursework, experienced faculty, and student-first approach which sets them apart from other online universities.

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