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  • Education Prerequisites: An online epidemiology certification program awards a post-baccalaureate certificate. Therefore, applicants are required to hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Professional Prerequisites: Some programs require professional experience in the health or social science fields. The amount of required experience for online epidemiology certificate programs can vary, typically ranging from one to four years.
  • Average Program Length: 12 to 18 months (full time)

An accredited online epidemiology certificate program is a post-baccalaureate certificate program designed for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are wanting to supplement their degree to help to start a career. Working in the field of epidemiology involves studying the causes and effects of diseases and public health concerns in various populations, as well as looking for and studying any patterns that might develop. The best online certificate programs in epidemiology will prepare you for this. However, completing this certification program can also prepare you for graduate school and is often used by students to enter into a Master of Public Health program or a related field.

Completing an Online Certificate Program in Epidemiology

On average, an epidemiology certificate program online or on-campus typically consists of around four three-credit courses, resulting in a total of 12 credit hours. These courses are often challenging, requiring students to dedicate a significant amount of time to their studies. For this reason, most programs limit students to taking only one course at a time, and the courses may last three or four months each. Therefore, students enrolling in an online certificate program in epidemiology should be prepared to devote 12 to 18 months to the program.

The courses vary by program. Some of the common courses found in an epidemiology program include Principles of Epidemiology, Fundamentals of Public Health Surveillance, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, and Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology. As a student, you will be required to conduct a significant amount of research into the topics being covered in each class. To demonstrate your understanding of these topics, and of epidemiology in general, you may be required to complete written assignments in the forms of papers and reports, as well as exams. Some of the best accredited online certificate programs will also have you work through scenarios simulating real-life issues and situations that you may face in the field, requiring you to apply what you’ve learned.

What Your Online Certificate in Epidemiology Can Do for You

Your online epidemiology certificate program will prepare you for a career dedicated to preserving public health. You will learn how to investigate causes of public health, such as diseases, and prevent them from spreading or possibly turning into an outbreak. This can involve collecting and conducting laboratory analysis on samples, typically blood and other bodily fluids taken from infected patients, to determine the causes and effects of the disease. This data is then used to develop preventative measures which can be put into place.

There are several areas that epidemiologists work in, including infectious disease, environmental health, chronic diseases, and bioterrorism. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), to become an epidemiologist, you will need at least a master’s degree, usually in public health, with an emphasis in epidemiology. This is why many students choose to earn an epidemiology certificate in addition to their master’s degree. The BLS also shows that epidemiologists are expected to see a 24% increase in employment through the year 2020, and they earn an average of $63,010 a year, depending on factors such as employer, location, and level of experience.

Online Certificate Programs by School

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Herzing University - Herzing's online certificate program offers the flexibility, personalization, and support you need to succeed in today's ever-changing job market. Discover Herzing's hands-on coursework, experienced faculty, and student-first approach which sets them apart from other online universities.

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