Online Certificate Programs in Massage Therapy

  • Education Prerequisites: None
  • Professional Prerequisites: None
  • Average Program Length: 6-12 months (full time)

An online massage therapy certificate program will teach you how to help people through touch and can lead to a successful career. A massage therapist will work with a client who is in pain, recovering from an injury, has tense muscles, or is trying to reduce stress. In most cases, this is a rewarding career where your time and effort is spent helping to improve the lives of others. However, this is a very hands-on job, so it’s not for people who shy away from touching complete strangers.

Completing an Online Certificate Program in Massage Therapy

Online massage therapy certification programs typically last between six months and one year for full-time students. However, this is an average. The length of your particular program will depend on several factors, such as the institution, the number of required courses, how many courses you can take at a time, the length of each course, and your ability to pass each course. The program length may also depend on whether or not you have to complete an internship prior to earning your certificate (which is required in many of the best online certificate programs in massage therapy), and how long the internship needs to last.

The assignments in an online certificate program in massage therapy will often consist of written essays, papers, and reports, as well as exams. For example, you may be given a description of a client, including body type and any ailments, have be required to describe what kind of treatment is needed and the techniques that are most appropriate, along with reasons to support your decisions. Also, in addition to your courses, since massage therapy is a hands-on career, many online college certificate programs in massage therapy will require you to complete an internship. This will give you the training you need to be successful by allowing you to learn directly from professional massage therapists in the field.

What Your Online Certificate in Massage Therapy Can Do for You

Through an online massage therapy certificate program, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to help relieve all different kinds of people’s suffering from various ailments. You will learn how to assess a client, determine their needs, and apply various massage techniques to alleviate the clients of whatever kind of discomfort they may be experiencing. In addition to equipping you with these skills, your program will also prepare you for your licensing exam. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), licensing requirements vary by state, and sometimes even locality.

The BLS shows that typical work environments for massage therapists include chiropractors’ offices, fitness centers, traveler accommodations, such as hotels and resorts, and personal care services, including visiting clients’ homes. The BLS also shows that massage therapists earn an average income of $34,900, but this will vary depending on your employer, industry, location, and amount of experience. The job outlook for massage therapist shows an expected 20% increase in employment through the year 2020, which is faster than many other occupations.

Online Certificate Programs by School

Liberty University
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Liberty University- Liberty University is an accredited, world-renowned university. They have an excellent reputation and offer many challenging certificate programs online. They can assist you with all of your needs from specialized certificate programs in Accounting to Criminal Justice.

Ultimate Medical Academy
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Ultimate Medical Academy - Ultimate Medical Academy offers distinctive online certificate programs that will help students obtain careers in the healthcare industry. Their program offerings include Medical Administrative Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, and Pharmacy Technician. Programs are career-oriented and focused on providing students with the necessary skills and practices to help individuals succeed in the workplace.

Penn Foster
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Penn Foster Career School - Penn Foster Career School has around 30 different online certificate programs to offer students from across the U.S. and Canada. If you are looking for medical billing and coding or medical assisting then Penn Foster is a great choice, but they have everything from nursing certifications to business and computer certifications. Penn Foster College also has fashion design certificates and wedding planning or bridal consulting programs. Penn Foster Career School is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council.