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  • Education Prerequisites: Online forensic sciences certificate programs may require prior completion of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree program, preferably in a forensic-related field, but this varies by individual program.
  • Professional Prerequisites: Online forensic sciences certificate programs may require current or previous professional experience in forensics, science, criminal justice, or a related field, but this varies by individual program.
  • Average Program Length: 1 year (full time); 2 years (part time)

Online certificate programs in forensic sciences combine studies in criminal investigations and police investigation to train students in modern forensics techniques. Through courses in biology, chemistry, and the legal system, these programs provide students with the essential tools to understand current methods of crime scene investigation. An online forensic sciences certificate program is ideal for those already working professionally in a forensic-related field, as well as those who are looking to improve their skills in a particular area of forensics, such as legal studies or law enforcement. Students can apply this unique combination of scientific skills and social service in a variety of professional opportunities in crime labs, inside of the criminal justice system, or in partnership with a government agency, just to name a few.

Completing an Online Certificate Program in Forensic Sciences

An online certificate program in forensic sciences would typically offer course work in the science surrounding crimes and crime victims, as well as an advanced understanding of the criminal justice system. Students will ultimately learn the extensive anatomy and physiology of the human body, including effective procedures for testing toxicology and DNA, and develop an understanding of how the justice system operates to provide definitive expert scientific research that could help solve crimes and resolve court cases. Students may also focus on one area of study in particular, such as forensic toxicology, forensic death investigation, or forensic DNA, for example.

Through a fully online forensic sciences certificate program, the student can take advantage of building their own flexible schedule, taking classes on their own time, and depending on the program, possibly live, online interaction with professors and students. It’s important to also keep in mind that many online certificate programs in forensic sciences strongly advocate a hands-on approach in applying these skills and encourage students to participate in internships, training, or forensics-related experience whenever possible. Once students have finished this online certificate program, they will have a variety of professional options, such as lab technicians, DNA analysts, or forensic entomologists, among others.

What Your Online Certificate in Forensic Sciences Can Do for You

Students who have completed an online forensic science certificate are eligible for an exciting career in forensics, science, or criminal justice. In addition to providing the flexibility and convenience of being able to take classes at any time, this online certificate program is unique in that it provides a wide range of professional options that do not necessarily require completion of a higher degree in this subject. Certificate program graduates are able to choose a career involving more lab work, if they prefer, processing forensic evidence as a science lab technician. While certain specific areas of concentration, such as specializing in anatomy or toxicology, require higher degrees in this field, forensic scientists with online certificates will generally find many opportunities within the criminal justice system, in science labs, or even with the investigative branch of a government agency.

Graduates of an accredited online forensic sciences certificate program will be eligible for a variety of in-demand careers in fields related to science, human rights, psychiatry, investigation, and the legal system. Forensic science technicians, for instance, are expected to see an increase in job growth of 19% by the year 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This demand is due to advances in technology and the growing awareness of forensic evidence among potential jurors that are expected to increase the use of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings.

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Herzing University - Herzing's online certificate program offers the flexibility, personalization, and support you need to succeed in today's ever-changing job market. Discover Herzing's hands-on coursework, experienced faculty, and student-first approach which sets them apart from other online universities.

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Penn Foster Career School - Penn Foster Career School offers over 85 online career diploma and certificate programs that can help students prepare for a career path in some of today’s fastest growing fields. If you are looking for training in allied health, business, education, or the trades, then Penn Foster Career School is a great choice. Penn Foster Career School is regionally accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.