10 iPhone Applications for Homework Assignments

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Iphones in Class

With the rise of technology and the almighty iPhone, today’s students have an abundance of tutorials, study guides and resources on their phone to help with virtually every homework assignment. With so many handy applications at their fingertips, students can research, define and compute in half the time it takes to look up the answer in a textbook. Technology may keep changing the face of education, but one thing’s for sure � wherever there’s a shortcut to homework, students will use it. Here are 10 iPhone applications for homework assignments:

  • Math Pro

    Math Pro is the ultimate application for students studying upper-level math subjects, such as algebra I and II, geometry, statistics, trigonometry and calculus. Math Pro has calculators, charts and formulas for quick and convenient computing, as well as easy-to-follow steps and explanations to guide you through each problem.
  • Dictionary.com

    Don’t let writer’s block or an unfamiliar word throw off your concentration. Let Dictionary.com find the definitions to at least 1 million words and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms, so you can enhance your vocabulary, understand your readings and find the perfect word for your essay and homework assignments. Dictionary.com also has audio pronunciations, commonly used phrases and featured word of the day.
  • Convert
    Give your brain a break with Convert, a handy unit converter and calculator application that lets you convert, compute and copy and paste in one swoop. This convenient tool is perfect for students studying math, chemistry, physics and any subject that requires conversions.
  • National Geographic World Atlas

    With the National Geographic World Atlas application, you’ve really got the whole world in your hands. This convenient app is packed with high-resolution images and fine details that can be zoomed in and out to see, as well as facts and geographic data for various locations. Students of all ages and education levels can benefit from using this reference tool for understanding geography, cartography and having a frame of reference.
  • CliffsNotes

    CliffsNotes has long been a student’s go-to guide for understanding novels and writing essays, and the CliffNotes iPhone application provides its signature literary guides for more than 30 novels in a convenient, comprehensive format. English and reading students can find analyses and summaries for character, theme and plot, as well as interactive study guides and quizzes to test your knowledge of the readings.
  • iFlipr

    Save the note cards and use iFlipr to create and share digital flashcards. iFlipr allows you to design and personalize your flashcards, as well as embed html like Quicktime sounds, Flickr images and Youtube videos straight from your personal computer. You can study any and all subjects on this versatile application that makes studying a breeze.
  • AllTheCountries Pro

    Whether you want to know the current ruler Kuwait, the literacy rate of Chile or the history of the China, AllTheCountries Pro gives you a wide array of information for nearly 200 countries. This application is a comprehensive reference tool for students studying world history and geography, and is incredibly useful for obtaining statistics to be used in school projects and essays.
  • iTranslate Plus

    Enhance your foreign language skills and learn words and phrases from more than 52 languages with iTranslate Plus. This free app has several cool features like text-to-speech, which translates words by voice, and the ability to share translations by e-mail or Twitter.
  • AWC-Essential Essays

    Achievers Writing Center is a comprehensive application for students who need help writing a variety of essays. This full-service writing center app includes a live personal writing assistant to answer questions, proofread and edit your essay, as well as a free online subscription to The Learning Accelerator, an online writing platform that assists in writing 50 different types of papers.
  • Periodic

    The periodic table of elements has never been handier or looked cooler, than having it on your iPhone. Periodic is an easy-to-use, comprehensive application with full access to each elements and its atomic weight, group, boiling and melting points, atomic radius and other interesting data. Students of all ages and majors can use this oh-so portable reference tool for homework assignments and studying.
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