10 Quiet Places to Study and Why

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Student studying on lawn

Trying to find a quiet, productive place to study can be a pain for students. Whether you live in a bustling city or have noisy roommates, studying is that much harder when you can’t fully concentrate. Sure you can put in your noise-canceling headphones and try your best to block out voices, but why suffer when there are several student-friendly atmospheres all around you, where the coffee flows and quiet is preferred. Here are 10 quiet places to study and why:

  • Library
    Libraries are by far the quietest places to study because they enforce rules that keep it a quiet, manageable setting. Many public and university libraries are geared with study carrels, study rooms and stacks with reference books and texts for all of your academic needs.
  • Bookstore

    With all the reading going on, bookstores typically stay as quiet as libraries, minus the coffee grinders, chatty cashiers or faint music in the background. Bookstores have serious studying potential with various books and resources at your fingertips, as well as comfy chairs, cafes, late hours and the occasional free Wi-Fi connection.
  • Cafe
    Cafes are another solid place to study, while getting your caffeine fix during the wee hours of the night. Of course some cafes are louder than others and you may get distracted as people come in and out of the shop, but if you can study with a little background noise you’ll be just fine. Also, many cafes now offer free Wi-Fi, which makes it an even more convenient and student-centered atmosphere.
  • Park
    Not only are parks inspirational and reflective places to be, but they are also quiet and peaceful places to study. Bring a blanket and set up shop under a shaded tree, or on a comfortable park bench.
  • Beach
    If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, you should take advantage of the quiet, soothing sound of waves crashing and seagulls chirping in the distance. This relaxing setting is ideal for students who want to be outside, but have plenty of stimulating noises and sights to keep them going.
  • Backyard/Balcony
    Find some shade, pull up a chair and table, and you’ve got an outdoor study center in your backyard. As long as there are no loud neighbors or construction going on, you should be able to find peace and quiet and get some fresh air while studying in your backyard.
  • Bedroom
    The bedroom can be a suitable place to study, if you’re able to resist the distractions all around you. If so, try sitting at a desk or chair, and avoid laying down in your bed because being too comfortable could cause you to fall asleep.
  • Car/Bus/Train
    Studying in your mode of transportation is a good way to make the most of your time. If you’re cramming before an exam, your car can serve as a barrier to outside noises. The same thing can be said for studying during a quiet train or bus ride, when passengers are typically reading, sleeping or talking quietly.
  • Late Night Diner
    Late night diners are another quiet place to study till the sun comes up. You also have an unlimited supply of coffee and food if you need a boost of energy. Keep in mind, diners will be more study-friendly on the weekdays than on Saturday nights.
  • Museum
    Take a seat and study among beautiful artwork in a well-lit and quiet museum. Whenever you need a break or dose of inspiration, take a stroll through the museum and enjoy the masterpieces that surround you. The key is to find museums with free admission or student discounts, so you don’t have to plunk down a lot of money to enter.
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