25 Best Cookbooks for Kids

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Whether you’re chopping vegetables, frosting a cake or grilling a steak, kids love to watch and participate in cooking. What’s even better is when they want to take cooking into their own little hands. Children’s cookbooks give kids a chance to make simple and delicious meals, while learning about kitchen safety and the joys of cooking. With practice, close supervision and a fun cookbook, children can become talented cooks with a deep appreciation for food. Here are the 25 best cookbooks for kids:

  1. New Junior Cookbook by Better Homes & Gardens: This kid-friendly cookbook by Better Homes & Gardens is loaded with more than 65 recipes and comprehensive cooking lessons your kids will never forget.
  2. Everything Kids’ Cookbook by Sandra K. Nissenberg: Written by a registered dietician and child nutrition consultant, this kid-friendly cookbook has 90 healthy recipes that your kids will love to make and eat too.
  3. Cooking Rocks! by Rachael Ray: Kids will enjoy making macaroni and trees, chicken toes, 5 minute fudge and other fun recipes written by the lovable Rachael Ray.
  4. The Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook by Angela Wilkes: First came the Step-by-Step Cookbook, and now its companion, Quick and Easy Cookbook, which teaches kids new quick and easy recipes that they can whip up with the whole family.
  5. Betty Crocker’s Kids Cook! by Betty Crocker editors: Choose from more than 60 simple recipes that the whole family will love in this colorful cookbook from Betty Crocker.
  6. Williams-Sonoma: The Kid’s Cookbook by Abigail J. Dodge: Kids ages 9 and up will have a blast trying out these 40 awesome recipes that are equipped with helpful photos and simplified instructions.
  7. Emeril’s There’s a Chef in My Soup! by Emeril Lagasse: Your kids will be kicking it up a notch and saying, “BAM!” while cooking in the kitchen with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s lovely cookbook.
  8. Kitchen for Kids by Jennifer Low: This beautiful cookbook is stocked with 100 kid-approved recipes that are made from scratch with the help of an adult.
  9. Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen and Ann L. Henderson: Get your preschooler cooking with this parent-child cookbook that features 17 tasty recipes written in words and pictures.
  10. Real Cooking for Kids by Rob Seideman: Straight from the kid’s program at the Cooking School of Aspen, Colorado, this cookbook features many of the school’s recipes that are designed to challenge kids in the kitchen and introduce them to unique meals, like Thai pizza, dessert sushi and other gourmet dishes.
  11. Cooking with Children by Marion Cunningham: Young cooks will learn the basics of culinary arts from this informative cookbook that focuses on 15 basic principles of cooking and the importance of preparing meals as a family.
  12. Fanny at Chez Panisse by Alice Waters: Alice Waters, chef of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, writes in the voice of her 7-year-old daughter, Fanny, as she describes her favorite recipes that are kid-approved and fun to cook with the whole family.
  13. Real Food for Healthy Kids by Tanya Wenman Steel and Tracey Seaman: You can’t go wrong with this huge cookbook that features more than 200 delicious and wholesome recipes the whole family will love.
  14. Southern Living: Kids Cookbook by the editors of Southern Living Magazine: Your kiddos will adore the simple recipes and handy spiral-bound design that makes this Southern Living cookbook a classic.
  15. Chef Bobo’s Good Food Cookbook by Robert Surles: This parent and child-approved cookbook focuses on making delicious and healthy meals that will help transform the way kids think about food.
  16. Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cookbook by Nicola Graimes: Kids will see how fun cooking and eating healthy is once they try recipes from this delightful cookbook.
  17. The Toddler Cookbook by Annabel Karmel: Toddlers can get their hands dirty and take pride in creating some delicious meals from this step-by-step kids cookbook.
  18. Pillsbury Kids Cookbook by Pillsbury Editors: Kids love this cookbook’s simple and delicious recipes just as much as they love the Pillsbury Doughboy.
  19. DK Children’s Cookbook by Katharine Ibbs : This comprehensive cookbook covers a wide variety of recipes and cooking lessons that even adults will find quite useful.
  20. The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook by Deanna F. Cook: Kids will adore this cookbook that combines history with cooking, as they learn about the culture and cuisines of 41 different countries and try their hand at one or two recipes from each place.
  21. The Usborne First Cookbook by Angela Wilkes: This cookbook is incredibly kid-friendly with its lovely illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions and tasty recipes.
  22. Look and Cook: A Cookbook for Children by Tina Davis: With recipes for classic comfort foods and old cookbook illustrations, this cookbook has a vintage feel that kids and adults alike will enjoy.
  23. Williams-Sonoma Kids in the Kitchen: Fun Food by Stephanie Rosenbaum: Kids ages 8 and up will be thrilled to cook the classic dishes and tasty treats found in this cool cookbook.
  24. Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual by the editors of Klutz: Kids can really get into cooking with the help of this cookbook that comes with a variety of simple and delicious recipes, as well as a set of color-coded measuring spoons.
  25. Williams-Sonoma Kids Baking by Abigail J. Dodge: Your kids will be whipping up cakes and cookies with the help of this informative and kid-friendly cookbook.
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