30 Beautiful Do-It-Yourself Wreath Projects

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To the untrained eye, all wreaths look the same: they're round, mostly green, and designed to hang on your door for a month or so until it's time to pack up the holiday decorations until next year. Yet the impressive number of do-it-yourself wreath projects out there proves that's anything but true, as each one offers a colorful and homemade twist on a classic. The patterns below are a great way to get started making your own wreaths, and they're also a reminder that every homemade wreath is unique because no two are made quite the same way by the same people. If you're looking for a way to add a personalized touch to your holiday, this is the place to start.

  1. Card Paper Wreath: Pick up a round die-cut that can press out different sizes and go to town on your favorite card stock. Glue the circular pieces together in a larger loop to create a modern and festive wreath.
  2. Coat Hanger Wreath: A coat hanger and some tinsel form the major parts of this unusual but eye-catching Christmas decoration.
  3. Poinsettia Wreath: Poinsettias are a holiday staple, and the bursts of color they bring to this wreath will brighten up any home.
  4. Basic Wreath: They don't get much simpler than this wreath, which only takes four steps to assemble and enjoy.
  5. Autumn Wreath: This colorful option looks great throughout the fall and will help you get ready for the holidays.
  6. Balloon Wreath: Offbeat but doable, this balloon option is a way to liven up your holiday parties.
  7. Grain Wreath: Buck convention with this eye-catching design that uses sprays of whole wheat, which you can buy at a floral shop.
  8. Advent Wreath: This horizontal wreath sports four candles (hope, readiness, joy, love), one for each week of the Advent calendar.
  9. Candy Wreath: Use a hot-glue gun to attach pieces of candy cane and peppermints to your wreath, then fix with a clear-coat sealant, for a tasty presentation.
  10. Wreath From Scratch: Try and buy some cuttings from a local tree stand, or else just buy a tree and prune your own. Cut a variety of strips and lay them into a hangar as detailed in the instructions for a beautiful and authentic wreath.
  11. Pine Cone Wreath: Whether you buy them from a supply store or pick them up in your yard, you can use pine cones to create a rustic and earth wreath that looks great anywhere.
  12. Fresh Cedar Monogram Wreath: A plywood frame shaped like a letter forms the backbone for this inventive and personalized door wreath.
  13. European-Style Wreath: This solid wreath uses a variety of berries and grasses to create a natural, hearty look.
  14. Ribbon Wreath: Although the creator originally used a dark ribbon for a Halloween version, red or green ribbon would make this design work perfectly for Christmas.
  15. Cork Wreath: For the wine lover or just someone who really likes to drink, this wreath is a great way to take advantage of used corks and fashion them into something special.
  16. Potpourri Wreath: Simple but elegant, this spare fall wreath makes a wonderful dining room decoration.
  17. Button Wreath: Use vintage buttons to create an artsy wreath with unique flair.
  18. Popcorn Wreath: This inventive wreath uses the same popcorn-stringing technique usually used for trimming the tree.
  19. Ornament Wreath: It's remarkably easy to create a gorgeous wreath from round ornaments. Just glue the caps on and thread them onto a wire hanger bent into a circle. Hide the hanger's hook with a bow and you're ready to go.
  20. Cookie Cutter Wreath: This one takes a bit more work than the others, especially when it comes to carefully and accurately attaching the cookie cutters, but it's worth it to create a one-of-a-kind wreath.
  21. Necktie Wreath: By wrapping a basic straw wreath in neckties of any pattern or color, you can create a special holiday hanging that's also a nice reminder of what not to get dad.
  22. Paper Wreath: An elegant way to recycle old books or sheer music into something beautiful.
  23. Yarn Wreath: The felt flowers emphasize the softness of this holiday wreath. Ideal for homes or classrooms.
  24. Grapevine Wreath: Using a grapevine wreath as a base, you can dress up this project with garland, ribbons, and lights.
  25. Bountiful Wreath: Designed to celebrate the richness of a fall harvest, this wreath relies on berries and pine cones for its down-home feel.
  26. Dried Leaf Wreath: A simple display of falen leaves makes for a stunning and gorgeous wreath that's not that hard to assemble at home.
  27. Apple Wreath: This one calls for real apples, but artificial ones are necessary unless you want to throw the whole thing away after a week (which you probably don't).
  28. Magnolia Wreath: Centered around the visual impact of three large magnolia stems, this wreath is guaranteed to brighten up parties or make a great gift.
  29. Silver Tinsel Wreath: Finally, a good use for the mountain of tinsel you've been collecting.
  30. Red Berry Wreath: The red berry stems in the center of this wreath give it a visual pop like none other, and it's easy to make, as well.
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