Staying Put

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Flexibility – it is the center point of every argument between online schools and traditional brick and mortar colleges. When you attend school online, you have the opportunity to do your work at whatever hour of the day you see fit. However there is more to this flexibility than just the time you choose to learn. One of the more underrated, and unfocused advantages of choosing to go to school online is the lack of commute. With an online education, you are able to learn everywhere you go – all you need is an internet connection. The time and money a student can save by not having to travel to and from a traditional campus allows them the opportunity to save while they learn.

Beyond the finical impact having a lengthy commute can have on an individual, the actual stress that can come from bumper to bumper traffic, waiting long periods of time for a parking spot, and the pressures of looking presentable in front of a large group of people can take its toll on your mind. When you can simply relax and ease into your chair as you sit down in front of your computer, your approach to learning is going to be in such a strong place because it is all you have to worry about. Your clothes, the amount of gas you have in your car, whether you have enough money for the bus or a snack in the cafeteria does not enter your mind. When you go to school online, the whole focus is on the education you are trying to acquire. With more traditional college campus, extracurricular activities can distract students and take them away from their studies. When you eliminate the extra distractions, you give yourself the opportunity to think more clearly and be more calm and collective when you are going over any new information being presented to you.

Learning in your pajamas can be comfortable and a nice break from dressing business-casual, but you can still drive to class in such an outfit. When you eliminate the commute itself, you are saving a considerable amount of money over the time you are enrolled online, and you are able to create your own learning environment that you know will best suite you for the duration of your class time. It is a subject you should think about when you are torn between the types of college experience you are looking for. Online colleges make your experience all about the education, and in the end that is what is most important.

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