Want a Successful Date? Have Kissable Breath

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Just because you take online classes and will be busy doing homework doesn't mean you won't have time to have an active social life. In fact, chances are if you prioritize correctly, you will have ample time to go hang out with friends, coworkers and spend time with your family. You can even find time to squeeze in a date or two along the way. But if you're hoping that your date calls you back, it's highly important that you make sure your breath is up to par. This is because according to studies, having smelly breath is the number one quality that can make or break a date. The importance of good oral hygiene and fresh breath even surpasses all other hygiene and grooming practices such as using deodorant, brushing one's hair or clipping one's toenails or fingernails. It even dupes romantic gestures like lighting candles and playing soft music. So in other words, no matter if everything is perfect, bad breath is a total mood killer.

Fortunately there are several different things you can do to make sure that your breath stays fresh all the time—not just on a date. Having fresh breath is important in all circumstances, including when one is undergoing a job interview, cramped in an elevator with a bunch of people or in some other type of social situation. First things first, you do not want to depend on gum, mints or mouthwash to solve the issues. Wonder why your breath returns to its smelly state after all the minty-ness is gone from a stick of gum? These remedies will mask the odor temporarily but it will not get rid of it permanently. The best way to get rid of halitosis is to get to the core—your mouth, cheeks and tongue. Brushing these three areas at least two times as day at two to three minute intervals will help remove all of the plaque and bad odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Don’t forget to floss as well—if food gets stuck between your teeth it will begin to decay. This is where a good majority of the smell comes from.

You also might want to switch up your diet. Sometimes what you eat—particularly foods that have a pungent smell like garlic, onion and certain spices like curry—can cause you to have bad breath. Instead try including more pineapple, carrots and celery into your diet. These foods actually fight bad breath. Chewing on raw parsley or mint can also do the trick. You also want to make sure that you are drinking lots of water. When you are thirsty your mouth doesn't produce all the necessary salvia it needs to push down lingering food particles—these food particles are what causes bad breath.

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