7 Movies Based on Board Games

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If you haven't already heard, the highly-anticipated film, Battleship, will set sail today, and, depending on whether it sinks or swims, we may see an increase in board game-themed movies in the next few years. There has already been talk of a Candy Land film with Adam Sandler and a Monopoly movie from Ridley Scott, as well as several remakes of old board game flicks. Go ahead and Guess Who will be the next to play a character in the Game of Life movie. In the meantime, check out this list of seven movies based on board games.

  1. Battleship

    "Man your battle stations!" The beloved '80s board game Battleship has been turned into a science fiction film of the same name, and its fans couldn't be happier. The game has come a long way since its peg board and code book, but the object is still the same — sink the other's ship! The movie has a little more depth than just sinking the enemy's ships. There are also aliens on board!

  2. Clue

    The 1985 slapstick comedy-mystery film, Clue, is based on the popular board game of the same name. Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, and the whole gang come to life in the cult classic that has three different endings. Trying to solve the murder mystery is just as fun as playing the game, and rumor has it that a remake is in the works for 2013.

  3. Dante's Peak

    Smoldering lava pits and flying fireballs. These are the kinds of things you'll see in the 1997 natural disaster flick, Dante's Peak and in the 1980s board game, Fireball Island. Sure, there's no Vul-Kar or hidden jewel in Dante's Peak, but there is a deadly volcanic eruption and plenty of people trying to escape rolling fireballs.

  4. Jumanji

    The action-packed film Jumanji is based on the supernatural board game of the same name. Animal stampedes, a ruthless hunter, ferocious lions, and man-eating vines are just a few of the crazy things Robin Williams' character and his sidekick kids encounter throughout the game. The near-death experiences they have during the game alter their futures for the better. It's too bad the modern Jumanji game doesn't have the same abilities.

  5. Jaws

    A great white shark chasing after its screaming victim who's desperately trying to escape. Does this scene sound familiar? The box office hit, Jaws, may have come out well before the 1990s board game Shark Attack, but you can't deny the similarities between the thriller and the ridiculously nerve-racking game. And the objective is the same — don't get caught between the shark's jaws!

  6. Geri's Game

    Who can forget the beloved Pixar animated short, Geri's Game, in which an elderly man plays a game of chess against himself? Geri plays his alter ego by moving to the other side of the chessboard and putting on or taking off his glasses. As Geri's opponent takes the lead, the original Geri fakes a heart attack and turns the board around so he can checkmate the lone king. Then, his opponent hands over the dentures in defeat. That Geri was one clever chess player.

  7. Zathura

    Imagine Jumanji in space, and you've got Zathura! The box office flop is loosely based on a book with the same name, which was written by Chris Van Allsburg, author of Jumanji. The brothers in the movie find themselves in outer space after playing the space-themed board game, Zathura, and they are forced to overcome their hatred for one another and work together to survive the game.

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